At Hanbo, we are committed to reducing vulnerabilities in every step of the apparel supply chain process– Sustainability, R&D, Product Development, Sourcing, Production, QA, Logistics, Finance, IT, Talents Management. This is achieved through the use of IT in the process. We have developed desktop and mobile applications to perform quality inspection and sample audit, monitor TNAs and factory compliances, and organize PP meetings. Explore our IT Solutions.


Hanbo 10 Pillars of Excellence


I.T Solution


Enhance and extend current ERP capabilities to upstream and downstream applications through 
mobile apps, IoT (RFID) and EDI

Benefits :

Real-time data capture

Replace and reduce paperwork at the sites

Standardize procedures to lead front line staff to perform their duties efficiently and professionally

Improve transparency of data flow throughout the supply chain to enhance management decision making at all stages of the supply chain

Software Suites :

Fabric inspection App

Fabric quality, testing, shading and shrinkage management.

PP Meeting

Pre-production management 
For GO-NO-GO decision

Order Recap & WIP

Production planning and pre-alert system. Accurate and effective production status reporting.

AQL Inspection

Benchmarking inspection procedure to raise quality control standards and providing defect analysis for Improvement


Quantity, quality and logistic tracking system


Use of e-tape to simplify garment measurements

Sample Audit

Tracking sample developments and fit review


Technical, social and environmental audit with industry standards for corrective action plan



Reduce wrong packing

Advance notice to customers for better warehouse planning

Easily locate inventories

Digital Tape Applied to Garment Measure


Use Bluetooth technology.

Create and export customised worksheets

Has API to directly link to user-specific systems


Research & Development

We dedicate ourselves to serving our customers better by investing in research and development which is essential for us to have a competitive edge. Our Design and Development teams in Hong Kong and US aim to provide more market intelligence, to find new fabrics, to discover new suppliers and to unveil the latest garment technology that can only improve our end products and enhance customer relationship. We create stylish new collection every season tailored to our customers' needs of quality and schedule.

Our Customers

Hanbo’s professional team constantly keeps in touch with our customers to ensure clear understanding of their quality requirements, supply chain needs, offering recommendations. Here are some of our customers:

Our Factories

China – Monthly production around 100,000 pieces (10%)

Cambodia – Monthly production around 430,000 pieces (43%)

Bangladesh – Monthly production around 470,000 pieces (47%)


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